The new BikeTrial's season it's just around the corner and and it's time to start planning the year. 2021, as 2020, it won't be a normal year, we're going to have to live with the health emergency and carefully observe the evolution of the situation.

We have enthusiastically accepted the requests from Catalunya, Italy and Spain to be able to organize the European BikeTrial Championship and World BikeTrial Championship 2021, but is very important contextualize the events and the calendar in the today's situation.

The draft of the BikeTrial International Union calendar 2021 is as follow:

- European BikeTrial Championship 2021 - Round 1 - in Castellolì, Catalunya the 12 and 13 JUNE 2021 - deleted

- European BikeTrial Championship 2021 - Round 2 - in Brumano, Italy the 10 and 11 JULY 2021 - deleted

- World BikeTrial Championship 2021 in Reinosa, Spain in middle of August 2021 - deleted

- European BikeTrial Championship 2021 - Reinosa, Spain, 6 - 7 - 8 August 2021

Very important: 

Right now we can only confirm published date and place. But we CANNOT confirm the actual possibility of carrying out the competitions. Everything is rapidly evolving and we can't confirm anything about the actual possibility of conducting the races. It will be necessary, for your part, to accept a first deadline not more long than 40 days before the single event. In any case, wait the official Agenda publication that will be in delay.

Due to the difficul situation we are living, we do suggest to wait for booking hotel and flights until the publishing of the official Agenda.

If possible we will publish Agenda before the dates written above. But we cannot tell you to book flights or hotels until actual confirmation.

Let's go, the BikeTrial season is about to start