The new BIU General Assembly 2014 is convoqued in Prague the Saturday 06th December 2014. The General Assembly works will start Saturday in the morning and will finish in the same day.  The meeting will takes place in Prague, Hotel DAP.

See also Hotel Address: Vítezné nám. 684/4 160 00 Praha-Dejvice.


All BIU Members, Affiliated Members and all people allowed to take part in GA are invited. This message is valid like official convocation. All Riders and all involved peoples can take part in the General Assembly like provided by BIU Statute. Other informations, program and meeting Agenda are sended to all National Delegates.

BIU General Secretary

Giuliano Gualeni

Information and help about accomodation:

Mr. Martin Hanzal

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +420 602 702 780


General Information about convocation:

Mr. Giuliano Gualeni

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +39 338 27 46 091


 Saturday 06th December 2014

10:00 First convocation calling.

11:00 Second convocation calling. Beginning of first session.

14:00 Break time

15:00 Beginning of the second session.

18:00 Break time

19:00 Beginning of the third session if needed.

From BIU Statute

10.1.1    General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of BIU.  The decisions made by the General Assembly are final and may be adjusted or cancelled only by the General Assembly itself.  The regular General Assembly meeting is held once a year.  The Presidium may convoke the extraordinary General Assembly meeting, if necessary.  It shall do so if requested by a minimum of one third of BNU’s (with justification).    Competences

The General Assembly is mainly competent to:
a)    determine the BIU general policy in all areas of its activities upon the Presidium’s proposal
b)    determine the membership fees, charges for inclusion of events in the calendar and charges for various licenses upon the Presidium’s proposal
c)    approve the BIU annual budget submitted by the Presidium
d)    approve the financial balance sheet for previous year preliminarily accepted by the Presidium
e)    approve the BIU annual report submitted by the Presidium
f)    approve the BIU Statutes and adjustments thereof, regulatory provisions and sports rules of BIU
g)    elect President, Vice President, Presidium members, technical group chairman and members and the Financing and Auditing Committee members
h)    review proposals submitted by BNU and approve them, if applicable, after having been reviewed by the Presidium; all proposals shall be submitted to the General Assembly in writing before any decision can be rendered
i)    make decisions about any and all proposals in accordance with procedures defined in the Statutes and regulatory provisions
j)    review mandate revocation and declaration of distrust, and approve them, if necessary
k)    establish or dissolve all BIU bodies.    Members

The General Assembly consists of all members stated in Article 5.
The General Assembly participants are as follows:
a)    persons, who have been duly elected by the General Assembly as members of Presidium, technical committee and Financing and Auditing Committee
b)    other persons (temporary delegates) designated by BNU to participate in the General Assembly meetings, with maximum of 3 persons per BNU, including the new candidates,
c)    maximum 2 representatives of every associated member
d)    honorary members of BIU.    Voting Right

The incorporation in BIU gives every BNU the right of one vote in the General Assembly meeting excluding the new candidates.
BNU, more than nine sportsmen of which participate in the BIU world championship in the given year, gets the right of another vote in voting in the General Assembly meeting in the given year.
Every BNU represented in the General Assembly has the right to one or two votes, which may be expressed only by one of its delegates with the nationality or residential permit of the country that the respective BNU represents.    Empowerment

Should BNU not be able to send a delegate to the General Assembly meeting, it may only be represented by other BNU with a voting right. Before the general Assembly meeting starts, the represented BNU shall inform BIU about, which BNU it has selected for representation prior to the General Assembly commencement. Any BNU shall not represent more than one BNU. One delegate may vote only in behalf of one BNU.    Convocation and Quorum

The General Assembly meeting shall be convoked by the Secretariat at least 90 days in advance.  The minimum term of 30 days shall be respected for the General Assembly convocation.  Once the General Assembly is convoked in line with the Statute, it may render valid decisions, provided one third of BNU's is present – the higher number of BNU's with the voting right is to be considered.    Meeting Agenda

The General Assembly meeting agenda shall always include:
a)    verified attendance of General Assembly
b)    approval of the last General Assembly meeting minutes
c)    approval of proposed budget for next year
d)    approval of balance sheet and accounts from previous year
e)    elections to vacant positions in BIU bodies
f)    proposals of BNU'S.

The proposals BNU wishes to include in the General Assembly meeting agenda shall be sent to the Secretariat in writing along with the appropriate documentation no later than 60 days before the first day of the General Assembly meeting. Any and all proposals of the BIU Presidium, Technical Committee and Financing and Auditing Committee shall be included in the meeting agenda. The meeting agenda and any respective documentation shall be sent to all BIU General Assembly members no later than 30 days before the first meeting day.
The items which will not be shown within the agenda or which did not arrive in a set deadline cannot be negotiated unless 2/3 of voting delegates agree with it. No amendment of Statute can be submitted to be negotiated by General Assembly if not quoted within the agenda.    Presidency and Voting

The General Assembly is controlled according to the following priority by the BIU Presidium or Vice President.
When voting, the simple majority of the valid votes shall be achieved to make a decision valid, with the exception of the Statutes revision, which requires two thirds of all votes cast by the voting delegates to make the decision valid.
When voting to fill all positions in BIU, the following majority and procedure is required:
-    simple majority of votes cast.

Should the vacant positions not be filled in the first round, the candidates, who has not received the required majority of valid votes, shall participate in the second round under the same conditions. The third round is not to be held.
The valid ballot shall not contain more names than the number positions to be filled is, or names other than names of the official candidates.