Dear BikeTrial friends, BikeTrial Italia and his collaborators announce (OFFICIALLY from March 2nd 2024) the 2024 BikeTrial World Championship in Italy. The competition it will be held in Piazzatorre, Bergamo Province, Lombardy Region, let's find out something about this event. 

This news it will be confirmed officially in the first days of February 2024 but we can already tell you a lot about this event. The World BikeTrial Championship 2024 it will be held on 17 and 18 August 2024 in Piazzatorre, Italy. 
Piazzatorre is located in the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy Region, in the centre of the Brembana Valley, 50 km from Bergamo (BGY) Airport, 90 Km from Linate (LIN) Airport and 135 Km from Malpensa (MXP) Airport.

The event it will be organized by Biketrial Italia in collaboration with all BikeTrial Clubs present in our Country. It will be a new form of organization where each Italian Club involved in the BikeTrial Italian Championship will provide a support for an excellent international BikeTrial competition. 
Local realities will also be with us, starting with the Municipality of Piazzatorre and the many associations present in the area. 

In Piazzatorre have already taken place numerous Trial motorcycle events thanks to the organization of the Moto Club Bergamo and the TZ Trial Section which this year will organize, again in Piazzatorre, the European Motorcycle Trial Championship the 25 and 26 May 2024. The competition terrain will be the same, 100% natural, consisting of large rocks in the Valle stream and in the large pine forest that surrounds the town. 

The province of Bergamo has always been a protagonist in our sport, with great champions in the BikeTrial such as Luca Tombini, Andrea Riva and the current Italian champion Elia Orfino. Even the late great Moto Trial Champion Diego Bosis came from this province. 

There will be 2 races, one for group B on Saturday and one for group A on Sunday. Registration will be held on Friday as well as the opening ceremony. There will be a campsite with built-in toilets and showers, in Piazzatorre there is also an equipped campsite and many offers of accommodation both in the house and in the Hotel. 

That's all for now, we look forward to seeing you in Piazzatorre this summer, on 17 and 18 August 2024 for the World BikeTrial Championship open to all Categories, from Under 10 to Class 1 and H Group.
WBC 2024 Official AGENDA it will be published before end of March 2024.

Welcome in the WBC 2024 !