Spain and Catalunya they are the home of BikeTrial. Here we born in the 70's and here we grew up thanks to great champions and excellent organizers, and now it's time for good news in Spain and Catalunya!

The BikeTrial Unions Catalunya and Spain's board of Directors is renewed with great enthusiasm and many ideas. Our great friend Mr. Jordi Casablanca Alfaro leave his position to prepare for the happy event that will fill his family with joy in the coming months and new people come to replace him and renew his work in the BikeTrial. 
Thank to Mr. Jordi Casablanca for his job till today in BikeTrial Sport: You were really important to us, thank you for all your work! Continue to stay with us, I recommend. 

From this month of May 2023  the new headquarter of BikeTrial Sport in Spain and Catalunya is so constitute: 

President: Antonio Tamame San Antonio

Vicepresident: Gemma Abant Condal

Secretary: Marc Sans Parcerisas

Account: Jordi Garcia Ubasart

Vocal 1: Conrad Navarro Ortega

Vocal 2: Albert Casanovas Valldosera


Welcome in family guys! 
We work together with enthusiasm for great BikeTrial events as you know how to do in Spain and Catalunya.
Thank you for your work!