2022 is coming to end as well as the thirtieth season of life of BikeTrial International Union. It was a year full of activities with two excellent international events, two really well organized races: The European BikeTrial Championship in Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany with Jonas and Nina by JOFR Accademy and the World BikeTrial Championship in Reinosa, Spain with Raul and RGBA Accademy.

We thank both organizers of these two races, they have shown great skills and passion that distinguishes since ever all the organizers of the BikeTrial events.

Those who organize international BikeTrial races have always done so freely, facing expenses, work and effort for the sole pleasure of bringing together lovers of this sport (not cycling discipline but Original Sport) and give them the opportunity to live some days together in competition. This year, in addition to all the other commitments that an international race implies, we also had to suffer a direct attack by the UCI, which seriously disturbed both events and the splendid work done by the organizers.

In the days before the EBC and WBC 2022 race, the UCI wrote to its members defining, without any reason, both events as forbidden race, creating confusion and fear among the participants and partially ruining the course of the events. I have long considered the possibility of commenting or acting, even legally, against them, and in the end I think it is right to talk about it, to give an explanation to what happened and leaving to you every comment.

During 2022 UCI has sent communications to the Riders concerning our races, we publish below a copy of the last communication in chronological order. We do not publish them all, because they are simply too many. As you can read, UCI prohibits its members from participating in events organized by other Federations. We cannot go into the merits of what they establish for their affiliates but there remains serious damage to the image they have caused us and the repercussions we have suffered together with the organizers.

European BikeTrial Championship 2022 - UK Team

Reading these communications, it seems that UCI considers the Riders as a "private property" and that it is right and possible to give unappealable orders. How can we tell you whether it is right or wrong? You decide. To us it does not seem right, the damage is done, we do not know how long it will take to remedy it.

Know that similar communications were also sent to the local administrations involved in the organization of our races, and that it was very complicated for us to explain what was happening. Explain that the BikeTrial has nothing to do with UCI, that we are an autonomous Federation, that we are in full legality; it was all very difficult. Both the 2022 Championships were completed, but the fatigue and stress we had to face was very strong.

The BikeTrial was born as a sport of peace and friendship, as an amateur sport for amateurs. The 2023 season is coming, we are working for the 2023 calendar or we will see each other in 2024. These last few years have changed the world in many aspects and need to learn new languages and new attitudes. It is time to renew itself. The rules seem to have turned into impositions and what is even more serious everything happens without anyone raising their head asking "what are you doing?". We must change, we must act, we must assert our reason.

Stay in touch with us and remember that the BikeTrial is an autonomous, original sport, made by Riders for Riders. Not a big show-business.

I wish everyone a happy and productive 2023.

Giuliano Gualeni
BikeTrial International Union Vice President