A very interesting and well organized event in Shanghai City organized by Outrider Sport Co. Ltd as BikeTrial International Union member for Push Bike, congratulation to our friends from Shanghai for this sport day. 

Here the report of the event:

On October 7, the 2022 Industrial Bank Cup Shanghai City Amateur League - Extreme Sports Carnival -  Push Bike League (Pudong Station) kicked off in Waigaoqiao, Pudong.
The event was divided into eight groups according to the age of the kids, attracting nearly 150 groups of families from the Yangtze River Delta region to compete.
The race was held on a race track of 200 meters, and the youngsters showed their skills in starting, pressing, accelerating and sprinting. Ms. Ge Hongjuan, Secretary General of the Shanghai Extreme Sports Association, was also on hand to present the awards to the winning athletes!