Saturday November 19th 2022 in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona, Catalunya, at Sol-i-Vi Hotel took place the ceremony La Gran Trobada de Trialsin and BikeTrial 1980 - 2000, organized by Ot Pì, Andreu Codina, Xavi Foj, Josep Figueras, Ignasi Bonjoch and Pere Pi. Here a short report of this very successful event.

Mr. Pere Pì has always been a volcano of ideas and energy and even this time he did not betray his fame, organized and carried out a major initiative, the commemoration and celebration of the golden age of our sport, the age from 1980 till 2000. It was this the age of pioneers and major development that has remained in the hearts of all fans and Riders. The BikeTrial Original Sport continues its journey, with his today's great champions, but memories helps us to look how far we have come and understand how much we still have to do. Thank Pere for this opportunity ! 

Pere Pi and Alain Remy

Mr. Pere Pì and Alain Remy from La Tour De Scay, France, more time organizer of the World BikeTrial Championship.

The celebration day took place according to the program with reception and registration of participants, a show of all the historical bike of many different brands and prototypes in the outdoor pool area of the hotel  and, at 1:00 p.m., opening of the lunch and celebration with more than 350 passionate people present

La Gran Trobada Trialsin and Bike Trial

La Gran Trobada de TrialSin and BikeTrial 19th November 2022, Sant Sadurnì d'Anoia, Catalunya.

A sequence of images, videos and music brought us back to the embryonic era of BikeTrial, in the 70s and step by step we arrived at the great champions, at the Hyper - Champions like Dani Comas, Cesar Canas, Gemma Abant, Mireia Abant and Ot Pì. Each step of the presentation has gone through a topic and its protagonists with many and many awarded celebrities, from the founders of BikeTrial Internation Union as Josef Dressler senior to the constructors, from the organizers to all the icons of our Sport like Andreau Codina, Jordi Tarres, Martyn Haston, Josef Dressler, Toni Bou, Petr Kraus, Takahisa Fujinami, Albert Cabestany and many others Stars of our sport (full list of guest available here).

The Bike Trial Hyper - Champions

BikeTrial's Hyper-Champions, more than 5 World Championship winner at La Gran Trobada de Trialsin and BikeTrial

It was very appreciated the salutation of Mr. Hiroshi Hirano as BikeTrial International Union President and a very funny moment when the great Trial's Champion Jordi Tarres entered the hall on the throne as King of Trial, a day of friendship and joy for all guests. 

Jordi Tarres celebrated as King of Trial

The King of Trial Jordi Tarres, very funny moment at La Gran Trobada de Trialsin and BikeTrial in Catalunya.

A very beautifull day in Catalunya today 19th November 2022 for La Gran Trobada; during the celebration many times was pronounced a word: Family. Yes, it was like a big family with a great passion for the very hard sport named Trialsin and after BikeTrial. This family was here to celebrate a Sport and a person, Mr. Pere Pì. All people say thank to Pere for his job, for his tireless enthusiasm, for his capacity to can recall all the members of what is his second family from all over the world. Thank you very much Pere! 

BikeTrial International Union it is already on work to prepare the new season, 2023, we have a Group of new Categories, the H Group, reserved to amateurs, to all people than want practice BikeTrial in a International challenger togheter. You have only to choose your section's color, white, green or blue. BikeTrial as family sport, BikeTrial as a Federation that work to give to everyone the possibility to stay and compete together with riders from all over the world, without difficulties or impediments.
Keep in touch with us on this website, all news about the new BikeTrials season it will be published here very soon. 

Keep in touch ! 
Giuliano Gualeni
BIU Vice President