Dear BikeTrial friends,
due to the Covid 19 health emergency this year, 2020, will become part of our lived experiences. Also because of the lack of the more important BikeTrial event of the year: The World BikeTrial Championship. 

Sadly we must officially announce the cancellation of the World BikeTrial Championship 2020 provided in Reinosa, Spain from the 3rd to the 9th August 2020. 

Thank to Mr. Raul Gutierrez and whole his Team for the great effort spent till today for this event. Raul worked a lot to devise one of the more promising edition of the WBC, with different kind of sections and amazing race venues. 

Thank to Mr. Jordi Casablanca for his work as Delegate for Spain. We carefully evaluated every aspect and worked together to find a possible solution.

Thank to the City of Reinosa for support Raul and for the availability to host this international event. 

We give to Mr. Raul Gutierrez and Reinosa City the absolute priority for 2021. We'd like to come in Reinosa for WBC 2021 edition's ! 

Among the reasons that we've considered before the decision to delete the WBC: 
WBC must to be organized with great time's advance and with the emergency is this not possible.
Confusion and insecurity are diffuse in all Countries. All Nations are in the same conditions and nationals Governments cannot give clear instructions about travels, restriction's deadline, conditions for stay abroad.
Some Governments probably will put heavy restrictions to some destinations during the whole summer and many Federations they won't be able to guarantee assistance to the Riders for international travels. 
Flight availability are less than usual and costs very hight for families. 
Organizers and BIU have the duty to create best conditions for Riders during the event and share with them all informations with great advance.
For this and for other reasons we decided to delete the event. 

We keep in contact with Raul and Jordi for the National events in Spain, and why not with international Riders if possible before the end of the year. 
Work togheter for European BikeTrial Championship 2020 in October. 

After the storm the rainbow comes back, keep to practice BikeTrial safely and prepare yourself for the next event. 

Keep in touch,
Giuliano Gualeni