In Indonesia, motorcycle trial was recognised much earlier than biketrial. Although in 90’s there are information that rider perform kind of style, couldn’t make sure it was real BikeTrial or bmx freestyle. The sport is not popular and growing very slow.

Through my father, I knew motorcycle trial and BikeTrial in 1998 when I was 8 years old. Been watching quite much of old vhs and magazine brought by him, I like the sport a lot and riding style of Jordi Tarres and Takumi Narita. Also Diego Bosis, I extend my deepest condolences to the family and friends.
A bashplated bicycle became my best mate since then, poor riding but really enjoyed it. Main problem is I couldn’t find anyone else who know the sport in Indonesia. I’ve tried telling by showing videos and ask to try it, yet no one was really interested. While the passage of time, we keep riding with only family and sometimes a few close friends. Annually held some very small competitions both motorcycle trial and BikeTrial anywhere we can with anything we have and know about. Until 2007, we finally decide to form a club named Yorusy Club. The competitions also start named as Yorusy Trial Cup for motorcycle and Yorusy Biketrial Cup for bicycle.

End of 2009 is rise of the BikeTrial sport in Indonesia, eventually one by one from facebook I’ve found another riders and clubs in Java to Sumatera, Kalimantan, Bali, etc. At that time, reported to me there are only about 60 riders all around Indonesia. We start communicating and have met more riders, riding, performing, and competing together. Been looking for so long, this is truly a great thing for me. One of whom is Has, pretty good skilled and well known in Indonesia.

This sport has its ups and downs in Indonesia. Still very far behind countries in Europe or Japan, but small shows, games, and local competitions as photos above remain held. A bit more appearance in media, riders and clubs has begun to increase little by little. One of it in Java, there are Yorusy Club which since 2009 changed as club YH (Yosnison vs Hindrance) is the first club. Members are not only men, but also woman, parents, youth, and kids. Recorded the youngest and oldest rider ever so far is 7 years old girl and 61 years old men from the club.

Biketrial Indonesia Union (BIDU) was founded on 12th December 2010. Some peoples are only interested in shows, games, local competitions. That I can understand, but I also firm on my stance to put skill improvement first after the Sport promotion, big respect to all the dedicated supports and riders. Despite only about 5 riders participated, we still attempt try to held BikeTrial Indonesia Championship on 6th March 2011, two rounds of BIDU Depok on 26th June and 3rd July 2011.

Enjoy your trials, play with obstacles, buzz the sports! motto of the established company in 2008, known as Yorusy Bikes, officialy was the first and only shop that specialized in selling BikeTrial products in Indonesia. Owner is Ms. Runing who since 1988 has been known the sport motorcycle trial. By riders request, she made gloves branded as Kerinci Trial Finest Gear inspired from the place she had lived in Kerinci Street, Kebayoran-South Jakarta. In 2011, through one of Yorusy Bikes team rider Has also formed new biketrial school in Bandung-West Java named as Has Biketrial School (HBS).

Beside that, there are a program I made named YH Study Tour which the first was fully supported by Yorusy Bikes. Has is the first rider of the program results. Here I’ll choose only one qualified Indonesian rider where at pre-program will stay in every weekend do all the preparation before we go abroad. It’s not only to improve riding skill, but most important is to open minds, increase knowledge and experience about the sport as well as parameter to know how is Indonesia progress. Then, help me share everything to all in Indonesia, spread and make this sport better in Indonesia. During the program, he/she will ride a lot in some places in the country, riding together with local riders, join many of various competitions and riding school, also try to ride and join motorcycle trial competition. Least, of course we’re not forget to having fun in the country.

I’m grateful for all of that but it’s not good enough, there are still a lot of things we should to do and improve to grow. But above all, I would expect only so that all Indonesian BikeTrial rider are easier to find informations, riding together, help and motivate each other. Just enjoy, happy, and keep the sport alive.
One of my dream, Indonesia can achieve great things on an international level. Our skill are not quite there but we are working on it. I also hope that many good riders from around the world like to visit us, our beautiful country, Indonesia.

Best regards,
Yosnison Maretsa

Photos by club YH, Yorusy Bikes, Biketrial Indonesia Union, Anastasya Chosumi, Jaennifer Season.