It is recognised that the observers play a very important part in our sport and without them the competition could never take place. Their role is also vital in deciding the outcome of a competition and the E.B.U. is keen to ensure that European Biketrial Championship is seen to be judged fairly and to a high standard. This new idea therefore will be tried for the following reasons:-

i) It has often been a complaint (or an excuse!) made by riders in the past that the observers at international competitions have always benefited the host country. With a variety of observers from different countries this should make the competition fairer for everyone.

ii) This should help to bring Biketrial into line with other sports where referees or judges are always either neutral or made up of a selection of international representatives.

iii) Riders from countries who never organise competitions will be able to have an observer representing them in the competition. This has never been possible in the past.

iv) The International observers will have at least two years experience observing at national level in their own country. This should ensure that the standard will be high.

v) The International observers will be issued with licences which will be worn during the competition. This will give them a ‘more professional’ appearance and hopefully give them greater respect from the riders.

Of course this may seem difficult to organise at first but with enough planning it will be possible. Each country with riders participating in the EBC can nominate up to a maximum of five International Observers who fulfil the criteria and who will be attending the event. Some may only wish to observe on the Saturday, some only on Sunday and others may wish to do both days. Once the list from each country has been forwarded to me, I will pass it on to the Swedish organisers who will then choose the observers they want. All observers will be notified well before the event that they have been required to observe.

Along with this letter I have included the guidelines that were decided for International observers and also an International Observer Registration form.


i) I ask that each EBU delegate provides me the International Observer List form by the 28th February 2005.

ii) Could a copy of the International Observers Registration Form and a passport size photograph of each of the applicants please be sent to me by 31st March 2005 so that their licenses can be prepared.

This new idea will be reviewed after the competition in Sweden. I hope you don’t find it too complicated and I would welcome any comments or recommendations.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Stuart Matthews
E.B.U. General Secretary