On the 26 April 2005 there was a meeting between the delegation of theB.I.U. and UCI in Aigle. In the friendly atmosphere the various options of mutual relationship and cooperation were discussed. 

Delegation of the B.I.U.:
Pere Pi - Originator of BikeTrial
Hiroshi Hirano - President of the B.I.U.
Libor Musil - President of the E.B.U.
Enric Rubio - General Secretary of the B.I.U.

Delegation of UCI:
Hein Verbruggen - President of the UCI
Olivier Quéguiner - Manager Coordination Sportive
Johan Lindström - Sports Coordinator - BMX / Trials
Peter Fisch - Swiss Cycling Federation

UCI meeting in Aigle, Switzerland, 26th April 2005

In Geneva before the meeting

B.I.U. delegation in front of the UCI headquarter in Aigle

Pere Pi in front of his bike in the headquarter of U.C.I.

Before the meeting with Mr. Verbruggen we had a chance to talk with Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch

From the left side: Hiroshi Hirano - President of the B.I.U.,
Enric Rubio - General Secretary of the B.I.U., Hein Verbruggen - President of the UCI, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Peter Fisch - Swiss Cycling Federation, Pere Pi - Originator of BikeTrial, Libor Musil - President of the E.B.U., Johan Lindström - Sports Coordinator - BMX / Trials